Revitalise your garden and bring back into a manageable state!

Have you lost control of your garden? Do you need a professional to get it back into a manageable state? Our Gardeners can return even the most wayward gardens back to their former beauty and keep it that way with a regular garden maintenance programme

Equipped with the very best and well maintained machinery, our gardeners make easy work of any overgrown garden. No job is too small and we always achieve the very best results possible, you'll be amazed at the transformation.

Garden clearances scheduled around your busy day to day

How it works

Our Garden Clearances service can be delivered by 1 or 2 gardeners depending on the size of the job. Usually a minimum garden clearance would take 1 gardener between 4-8 hours and requires slightly heavier duty tools than regular garden maintenance.

Once your booking is confirmed our gardeners will arrive at your property at the agreed date and time and run through the job with you, taking into account and specific requirements and priorities. If you're not going to be home - that's fine... Just leave our gardeners access to your property, all the information they need will be in the job diary. The team will then start work on bringing your garden back to life

Once the work is complete we will send you an invoice along with a feedback request. It's important to us that we get feedback on every booking so that we can constantly improve our service. We'll also advise on a regular maintenance programme for your garden to help keep it in the excellent condition our guys have got it into.